Your Toddler’s Wish List: How To Make Their Childhood Memorable With Toys

Your Toddler’s Wish List: How To Make Their Childhood Memorable With Toys

The way your toddlers learn what they can do is through getting their own hands right into everything. They open and shut doors, fiddle with the knobs, switch the lights on and off- these are enough to drive parents nut. Your toddlers always want to explore the world around them. As a parent, you should know what your toddler wish list is. Be sure to include these toys in your gift for your little loved ones.

Push and Pull Toys

The heavily weighted toys can definitely give your toddlers something they can lean into as they motor all around your home. The pull toys are suited for slightly advanced walkers who can look behind them as they move forward. Your kids want something good from Step2 Direct such as pull toys that squeak, bobble, and flap.

Train Sets

Your kids can utilize their new dexterity in order to link the cars and then run the whole train all around the house. They will surely love seeing how it can take the corners and feeling the great difference right between running it over the carpet and across your bare floor.


Puzzles are among the great ways to give your kids little victories- simple satisfaction of putting something in place is such a marvellous thing. You can choose puzzles that have only few pieces and are made of easy to manipulate and thick blocks of wood.


Kids really love balls, so there is no doubt that this is included in their wish list. Any ball that is easy to grasp will surely be a hit with your kids- vinyl balls, underinflated beach balls, or even cloth balls. Just stay away from those balls that can end up as mouthful. Your kids will definitely have fun throwing, rolling, and kicking the balls.

Ride-On cars

Most of the small ride-on car models have handles for adult push when your toddler gets tired. All you need to keep in mind is to avoid the electronic versions since they are a bit expensive and they take away the fun and excitement of getting around under your power.

Building bricks

The light cardboard bricks are huge enough to stack up right into the wall or fort, or the other they these are what your toddler really wants. Building bricks will absolutely make your toddlers every time they play.

Picture books

Toddlers definitely enjoy more advanced picture book that shows familiar activities and objects. They might also begin to take pride on their own library and most of all the opportunity to pick out their own favourite one for you to read.

Toy instruments

Kids absolutely love music and create their sound regardless of how cacophonous it is. You can give your kids toy guitar or even a keyboard to bang on. Expect that they will treat you to various original compositions.

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