Rivoli Crystal by Matubo Beads

Rivoli Crystal by Matubo Beads

Matubo Rivolis are known for their beauty and gem-like properties. They are machine cut and polished similar to the process of cutting and polishing diamonds. A Rivoli Crystal is a symmetrical shallow bicone that has the bottom and the top sides shaped similarly and have triangular facets running to the pointy top part. Rivolis do have holes and they are usually used for beaded embellishments. These crystals have mirror-like foils on one side to reflect and deepen the color of each crystal.

Matubo Rivoli are handmade products that come in different sizes for example 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, and 20mm.Whatever size you may need, it is available. The Rivolis come in 39 different colors and shades.

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Crystal Rivoli stones from Matubobeads.com are available in a wide variety of sizes. The mirror foil gives them a sparkle like no other. These beautiful stones can be used along with seed beads and are a great choice when it comes to bead weaving as a beautiful embellishment. These embellishments not only make your garment beautiful and fashionable, they also make you to stand out in the crowd.

The process of manufacturing the Rivolis is a complex one. All Matubo Rivolis have a precise shape and come in very many colors and perfect shine. They can be used as embellishments in making earrings, necklaces, wedding rings and any other type of jewelry. Since these stones do not have holes to hang them from, you will need to have a pre-made bezel cup to enable you stick the Rivoli in. Although some people prefer making their own Rivoli cups, these accessories are also available on the market for sale. Just research and ensure that you get the right bezel cups for your Rivoli stones.

Rivolis can give your jewelry or outfit that perfect shine that can be confused with gemstones. You do not need to actually buy the expensive gemstones to have that sparkle. Matubo Rivolis are affordable, durable and sturdy. They have a long-lasting shine and can be used in jewelry and embroidery. If you love bead work or embroidery that requires embellishments, going for Rivoli crystals is the best decisions you can ever make. Together with seed beads these stones can give your project the sparkle it requires.

Made of lead-free crystal, each precision faceted crystal Rivoli has a rich color and consistent shape. And to ensure that you are getting genuine Matubo rivoli crystals ensure that you visit the official Matubo beads website.

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