History of Nudie Jeans

History of Nudie Jeans

Denim jeans is a passion this company has with anyone who loves the worn-out pair because of the fabric’s ability to age quite well. The longer it is worn, the more it has with a personal look. The person wears them to create their own style, as if they were an alternative layer of skin. It has attitude, just like a leather jacket, and can be worn by people of all ages. Many companies have taken this to heart in developing their best jeans, including this Sweden-based company.

Nudie Jeans was established in the city of Gothenberg in 2001 by Maria Erixon and Palle Stenberg. Both came from the corporate sector and chose to break free from a culture that was about commercializing rather than style and substance.Nudie Jeans was established to be ecological and make their jeans with 100% organic cotton in factories at home, not abroad in the controversial sweatshops. From the start, Nudie told consumers to wash jeans only when it very much needed because the older it sustains longer without the need to dry clean.If damaged, people can send their jeans to be fixed, which helps makes them long-lasting, and recycle other usable pieces.

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From the start, Nudie Jeans was given acclaim and awarded the Sustainable Style Award for its production and marketing plan. They are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and Textile Exchange, which promotes working conditions for textile workers and the growth of organic condition. They are advocates of the Eco Cycle, which is made up of the three Rs: Repair, Reuse, and Recycle, which was mentioned above. In addition, the company has allowed all denim lovers to tell a “story” with their jeans, promoting extensive use of them, and giving the people at Nudie to be transparent with their sales and production to the public.

As time moved on, the company has expanded their production into from just denim jeans to canvas pants, denim jackets, t-shirts, sweaters, accessories, and even a line for children. They continued (and still do) the use of organic materials and ethical production of their clothing line sold all over the world, with the education of what it means to use such material. They have three stores: Stockholm, London, and New York, but the use of their online site makes it accessible for everybody.

NudieJeans loves what they do and are not about the fads. They stay contemporary and open-minded with their design, their beliefs, and how they make their clothing. They are a small company that isn’t seen rubbing shoulders with the big name brands. They don’t go at it with Levi’s and Wrangler. They make their products with love and, in their short history, are proud to show off what they think, what is their concept, and why they have a passion for the traditional denim creation. It is 2017 and organic is in; they are blossoming at the right time.

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