Bring Out the ‘Punjabi’ in You at ‘Punjabi by Nature’

Bring Out the ‘Punjabi’ in You at ‘Punjabi by Nature’

Our country comprises of diverse cultures. Each of these cultures is known to be unique in some way or the other. However, amongst all these varied cultures, the Punjabi culture is known for its vibrancy, enthusiasm and sheer joy. Not only this, the Punjabi culture is so amicable that even their food culture is the best. The spices, aroma, taste and quality that their meal preparations have cannot be compared to any other meal or dish.

Delhi is a place, which is witnessing a large growth in the number of restaurants that are opening up each year. Though most of these places aim to deliver a unique dining experience to their customers with the help of several foreign cuisines, North Indian cuisine is something that these restaurants never fail to include. And the reason is that people are obsessed with North Indian food because nothing is more satisfying than having Naan Chicken or Naan Paneer, Chole Bhature and Rajma Chawal.

But not every restaurant that offers North Indian cuisine becomes popular. There are a few that have exceled in this competition and amongst those restaurants is Punjabi by Nature, which is living up to its name and its expectations.

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Since Punjabi food is a universal obsession, this restaurant has made sure that you get the best of it. If you are looking for authentic tastes of Punjabi dishes like Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani with an aroma of desi tadka, then this is the place that you must visit.

It has a prime location and is situated at the third floor of DLF Mall in Sector 18, Noida. It is not just a cool place to hang out with friends, but several families and corporates also come here to dine. It is a great choice for all those who simply cannot resist the spices and tastes of Punjabi food. This casual dining restaurant has earned its reputation by providing quality services to all its customers. It has carved its own niche by stressing on the quality of the food and satisfying the customers.

Since it is located in a popular mall, it is often crowded with people, which is why it is difficult to grab a seat here during weekends and holidays because it is jam packed. Therefore, it is advised that you make a prior reservation if you are planning to visit during the weekend.

Punjabi by Nature is a heaven for both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarians. One of the major attractions of food here is the kebabs. Along with this, the curries are also equally good and mouth-watering. The restaurant does not serve alcohol, but the non-alcoholic beverages that are offered here are extremely refreshing and you will love them for sure.

The ambience of this restaurant is very beautiful and elegant. The walls are adorned with a very stylish décor that comprises of arts, crafts and dazzling lights. There are several things in the décor that are sure to impress you.

When it comes to non-vegetarian food, the menu of Punjabi by Nature explodes with options. From delicious kebabs to flavour-busting chicken to yummy mutton preparations, this restaurant has it all. It also serves various platters where you can enjoy the delectable taste of multiple dishes.

For vegetarians, the main highlights are dishes like Tawa Paratha, Pindi Chole, Besan Di Missi Roti and Chole Bhature. The most popular desserts are Mango with Ice Cream and Phirni.

Now that you know what an awesome restaurant this is, go ahead and bring out the Punjabi in you by visiting Punjabi by Nature.

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