5 Delicious Momo Recipes You Must Try Making In Your Momo Maker

5 Delicious Momo Recipes You Must Try Making In Your Momo Maker

If you love momos but are worried that the ones available outsidecould be stale orunhygienically prepared, then you should try to make them at home. It’s easy to tell someone to make momos at home, but to actually make it you need time and energy. With many people being hard pressed for time, technology has come to rescue.

You can use a momo maker to make delicious momos and that too easily and efficiently without wasting much time. Kent Noodle &Pasta Maker is a versatile kitchen appliance that comes with shaping dies specially designed for folding the momos, which is the most time taking process.

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Now that you have the appliance to do all the tedious jobs at your disposal, you can try these delicious momo recipes.

  1. Vegetable Steamed Momo: Finely chop onions, ginger, garlic, cilantro, cabbage, carrot and mushrooms.Add soy sauce to it and to salt taste. Now mix well and use this filling to make veg steamed momos in round shape.
  2. Fried Chicken Momo: Heat 1 tbsp oil and add to it some finely chopped onion and garlic. Saute and add chopped chicken. Let the chicken cook over high heat. Take it off from the heat and mix a seasoning of soya sauce, black pepper, salt and vinegar. Use this filling to make momos and steam them for around 10 minutes.Leave them to cool. Before serving, deep fry them in hot oil until crisp.
  3. Meat Momo: If you want to make chicken, lamb or beef momo, you can replace the mushrooms and tofu in vegetable momo with these and steam them as usual. If you want to cook early, use un-ground beef and chop the chicken and lamb really fine. Cook the meat as did in fried chicken momo.
  4. Veg Momo Soup: Saute a littlechopped ginger and garlic and make a clear soup by adding some vegetable stock along with seasoning. You can add assorted vegetables like carrots, beans, corn, and cabbage to it. If you want to thicken it a bit, add a little cornflour. Let it simmer for a while and then add the steamed veg momos to it.Delicious momo soup is ready to relish.
  5. Chicken Momo Soup: Having steaming hot chicken soup with freshly steamed chicken momos on a cold wintery evening is the perfect snack. To make soup, add some oil and saute onion in it. Once it is done, add minced chicken and saute. When the chicken starts changing color, add finely chopped vegetables to it followed by vinegar and soy sauce. Finally, add chicken stock and let it simmer for a while till the chicken gets cooked. Add salt and crushed black pepper and have it along with freshly steamed chicken momos.

You can experiment with the filling according to your taste. Momo fillings can have endless variations.You can fill in meat or vegetables and can eat them steamed, fried, or even cooked in soup. If you want to use any kind of meat as stuffing, you have to precook it before filling it in the momo. In case you are making fried momo, then the meat needs to be slightly underdone in the filling stage.Otherwise, it will get overcooked while frying.

Enjoy homemade momos in different variations.

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